Social Media Consultancy Services

The market is changing, and so is the way businesses market their products online. As more and more people spend time on social media networks, it is important that businesses establish themselves  on these platforms and take maximum benefits from using this digital strategy.

JMD Consultancy provide social media consultancy and training services for businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland for Facebook, Twitter and LInkedIn.


Why Market on Social Media?

Social Media Marketing should be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have the numbers of followers and likes, then you will not get leads through social media. Social media marketing is the most cost-efficient digital marketing method and is essential for brand awareness.

JMD Consultancy will research your business, and provide you with a strategy that best fits your company so you can connect to new potential customers through social media. We help businesses throughout Ireland and offer social media services in Dublin, Dundalk, Galway, Drogheda and Donegal, just to name a few locations.

Consultancy For Your Team

Do you have a dedicated member of staff looking after your social media accounts? Do they need an actionable strategy to work towards?

The social media consultant at JMD Consultancy provide your social media team with tools and strategies that you will need to give your social media following a boost including enhancing your number of followers and generating traffic to your website.

If you need a particular social media tool created for your business, talk to us today as we have software developers who can create custom programs to suit your requirements.

Get Started

If you want to get your social media pages working and getting more exposure, call us on 0858137510.