What JMD Consultancy Can Do For Your Business


If you are looking for SEO Dublin, SEO Donegal, SEO Letterkenny, SEO Galway, SEO Dundalk, SEO Drogheda, SEO Ballina have been hit with a Google penalty, or burnt by another SEO company then JMD Consultancy can provide you with the guidance on going forward. Providing search engine optimisation services and consultancy to help get your business the results you need for growth.

Social Media

Social media consultancy for businesses in Ireland for Facebook, Twitter and LInkedIn and more. Social media marketing is essential for brand awareness and providing customer service. What we do is research your business, and provide you with a strategy that best fits your company so you can connect to new potential customers.  

PPC Advertising

We will implement an effective Google Adwords campaign to get quality traffic to your website. We will also help save you money so that you receive less wasted clicks from people who are not ready to buy from you. Our team will also optimise your landing pages to help convert those who clicked the ad, into leads.  


We  provide a range of digital marketing consultancy services for businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you want to manage your digital marketing in house, we can provide you with advice that you need to generate more income. We provide consultancy on SEO, social media, PPC and lead generation.  

Digital Marketing Training Courses

The Beginner’s SEO Course

The Advanced SEO Course

Digital Marketing For Beginners Course

Generating Leads From Social Media